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Given the global challenges of our country, student competency in the areas of mathematics and science is possibly more important than ever.  Unfortunately, many American students view the study of mathematics and science as useless and not important to their future.


Often this negative attitude is developed at a very early age. Irrespective of teacher and parent encouragement, many students are convinced that math and/or science are not for them. Given that math and science is a building block process (i.e., in order to understand B, you should understand A), it is hard to put someone on track once their focus is derailed.


The organization of Science and Math for Everyone, Inc., has been created to address this problem. Through the focus of collective abilities, SMFE will endeavor to develop programs and activities that will energize students to pursue the benefits and challenges of science and mathematic competence.


In light of your skills and experience, please complete the attached survey and forward it to my attention. Your response will help our organization shape future activities and events. Thank You.



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